Clean, Crisp & Clear... Lets keep it that way!

In July 2011, Tim Silverwood will embark on a voyage sailing across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to Vancouver to undertake important research into plastics in the North Pacific Gyre (Great Pacific Garbage Patch [GPGP]). 

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? glad you asked...

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been compared to a 'floating island of trash', it is spread over an area twice the size of France in the North Pacific Ocean. Four oceanic currents converge here, causing floating plastic debris from Asia, North America and the South Pacific to accumulate in a swirling vortex that's rumoured to be doubling in size every ten years.

Tim will create a documentary on the experience which will contribute invaluably to raising global awareness of this issue. 

How can i HELP?

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