+ From an early age I fell in love with all things aquatic. I have fond memories of beach days with the family and holidays along Australia's coastline to beautiful remote locations. As an "australian grommet" I started surfing from a young age which quickly became an obsession. I started bodyboarding with my lifelong friends through my schooling years before breaking my back at a heavy local reef. After rehabilitation I transitioned to surfing as it was less painful for my back and gave me a new inspired look on life.  Since then I have been drawn to the ocean on all different crafts, whether it be bodysurfing, long boarding, bodyboarding, surfing or swimming.  A close friend of mine then introduced me to photography. I was instantly hooked and thought I'd capture my love for the ocean from behind the lens. Its has been 10 years since I first shot from the water with an old EOS 5 Film camera and a lot has changed with the digital revolution, some for the better and some for the worse, but what hasn't changed is my passion for being in the water. Hope you enjoy my site. +